Recap: Wildlife Conservation in Tropical Forests: Are We On The Right Track?

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Meandering river in the Amazon forest as seen from above.

The symposium titled "Wildlife Conservation in Tropical Forests: Are We on the Right Track?", organised by Joeri Zwerts, Marijke van Kuijk and the Vereniging Tropische Bossen, brought together a diverse audience consisting of representatives from various NGOs, including WWF and FSC, as well as numerous students. The event aimed to address the pressing issues surrounding wildlife conservation in tropical forests and evaluate the progress made so far. It proved to be a resounding success, fostering insightful discussions and offering a platform for knowledge sharing.

The attendees were treated to a range of presentations that covered crucial topics such as wildlife crime, forest certification, cutting-edge research and conservation efforts in tropical forests worldwide and indigenous peoples' involvement in wildlife conservation. These presentations provided valuable insights into the current state of affairs and shed light on the challenges faced in preserving biodiversity in these delicate ecosystems.

The symposium concluded with a panel discussion, which brought together experts from different fields. The panel emphasized the urgent need to address human-wildlife conflict, a critical issue affecting wildlife populations and local communities alike. It also underscored the importance of developing alternative livelihoods that promote sustainable practices and mitigate conflicts between humans and wildlife.

The symposium's success can be attributed to the diversity of perspectives presented and the active engagement of the audience. The participation of NGOs and students ensured a comprehensive exchange of ideas and fostered collaboration among different stakeholders. By emphasizing the multifaceted nature of wildlife conservation, the symposium effectively highlighted the need for an integrated approach that considers both ecological and socio-economic aspects.

Overall, the symposium on "Wildlife Conservation in Tropical Forests: Are We on the Right Track?" proved to be an informative and thought-provoking event. It successfully brought together experts, NGOs, and students to discuss pressing issues, share knowledge, and inspire collective action towards more effective and sustainable wildlife conservation in tropical forests.