Peer Observation: Challenge Based Learning edition

Are you already familiar with Challenge Based Learning (CBL) in your education? Would you like to see how other colleagues within UU, and the Alliances (CHARM-EU and EWUU) are using this educational approach and share tips and questions, struggles concerning its application? Then this peer observation programme is made for you! Sign up now

What to expect?

The programme consists of three meetings and two observation sessions. The meetings focus on how and what to observe, how to reflect on your personal development as a lecturer and the exchange of experiences. During the first meeting, pairs of lecturers are made to observe each other. In a pre- and post-observation meeting you discuss what to focus on and what you have observed. Subsequently, you question each other on intention, conviction, motives, and qualities to delve more deeply into personal development. The last meeting, we share experiences, followed by the evaluation of the programme.

In more detail you can expect:

  • Facilitation of CBL based courses observations. Support is given on how's and what's to observe and how to provide and receive feedback 
  • Peer coaching for teachers to professionally develop and discuss with peers their CBL experiences 
  • Support on developing and acquiring more knowledge on CBL
  • Engaging with a community of CBL UU experts, educationalists, and fellow colleagues 
  • Contributing to the composition of a common UU vision in relation to the practice of CB

When is it?

17th March – 9th June

17 March, 13.00-16.00 (max 3hrs) 

Kick off meeting

18 March – 20 April 20

Observation round 1

21 April, 13.00-16.00 (max 3hrs) 

Exchange and Discussion meeting

22 April – 8 June

Observation round 2

9 June, 13.00-16.00 (max 3hrs) 

Exchange and wrap up meeting

For whom?

Academic teachers are already familiar with CBL that would like to improve and share input and ideas on their practices with others.

By whom?

The trainers of this programme are educational advisor experienced in developing and designing CBL courses (Dimitra Mousa, Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT)), an educational advisor & trainer of UU Peer Observation Programme (Anne Geesink, CAT) and an assistant professor at the Department of Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, researcher in teacher education, and teacher educators’ professional development, interested in CBL education (Despoina Georgiou, Social Sc., UU). These three colleagues will be supporting the participants as trainers throughout the duration of the training.

Application and more information

To register please fill in this form and you will hear from us soon!

For more information, please contact the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning,