Over 400 visitors for second Utrecht AI Labs Event

Bezoekers van het Utrecht AI Labs Event 2023 op het netwerkplein
Image: Bas van Hattum

"Working together is the answer". A much shared sentiment at the second Utrecht AI Labs Event, Thursday May 11, at the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht. During the event, Utrecht AI Labs researchers and partners from business, policy and civil society discussed the application of AI and data science in daily practice. 

AI Labs Director Thomas Dohmen kicked off the event and highlighted the considerable growth the Utrecht AI Labs have experienced in recent years. "What started a few years ago as just an idea has now grown into fourteen AI Labs, ranging from AI for sustainable finance to animal welfare, healthcare and more. An illustration of the breadth of possibilities AI offers. To fulfil this potential in an effective, responsible and sustainable manner, we need to join forces to share our expertise and experience, not just within our own organisations and disciplines, but also across those borders."   

President of the Executive Board of Utrecht University, Anton Pijpers, expressed his appreciation for the attendees, who he said are building meaningful collaborations together. "AI is a complex societal issue that requires research from different perspectives: technical, ethical, legal, social. That suits a broad university like Utrecht University and it is wonderful to see how bridges are being built within the AI Labs between faculties, departments and societal organisations."

Een bezoeker van het Utrecht AI Labs evenement met VR-bril op
Image: Bas van Hattum

In a panel discussion, senior experts from the Dutch National Police, NS National Railways, EY and Media.Monks shared how AI and data science are radically changing their area of work and that ensuring integrity and explainability in that process is of key importance. In various thematic breakout sessions, participants entered into discussions on the application of AI and data science in specific areas. For example, researchers from the newly launched UMC Utrecht AI Labs explained the value of cooperation between practice and science, for example in improving diagnostics and treatment in psychiatry with AI. National Police Lab AI researchers and partners discussed the role of AI in detective work and its potential consequences for privacy and legislation. 

"A great way to see the whole community come together and exchange knowledge," responded one attendee. "Very meaningful," said another attendee. "There is a lot of value in coming together from different disciplines: approaching an issue from multiple perspectives helps you reach new insights."

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