NWO Idea Generator Grant for Dr. Riccardo Levato

Dr. Riccardo Levato (Department of Orthopaedics, UMC Utrecht) was awarded the NWO Idea Generator grant:
Idea Generator
On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NWO has funded research in the context of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) since 2018. The aim of NWA research is to make a positive, structural contribution to the knowledge society of tomorrow, by building bridges today and jointly tackling scientific and societal challenges. With the Idea Generator, NWA seeks to facilitate research with a potentially high societal impact and to provide opportunities for small-scale, exciting research projects. The programme encourages creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to put into practice creative, exciting and innovative research ideas that are relevant to the NWA programme.
The Project
Over the next year, this kick-off grant will allow Riccardo to develop and adapt the ultra-fast (volumetric) 3D bioprinting technology for the treatment of osteoarthritis.
For more information, see this publication and our science blog
Congratulations Riccardo!