29 November 2011

Rosi Braidotti

Nomadic Subjects - second edition

This thoroughly revised and expanded edition of Rosi Braidotti’s modern classic Nomadic Subjects retains all but two of Braidotti’s original essays, including her investigations into epistemology’s relation to the “woman question;” feminism and biomedical ethics; European feminism; and the possible relations between American feminism and European politics and philosophy.

Braidotti’s Nomadic Subjects has guided discourse in continental philosophy and feminist theory, exploring the con­stitution of contemporary subjectivity, especially the concept of difference within European philosophy and political theory. Her creative style viv­idly renders a productive crisis of modernity. From a feminist perspective, she recasts embodiment, sexual difference, and complex concepts through relations to technology, historical events, and popular culture.

Prof. Rosi Braidotti is University Professor and director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University.

Title: Nomadic Subjects: Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory (Second Edition)
Author(s): Rosi Braidotti
isbn: 978-0-231-15389-8 (paper), 978-0-231-15388-1 (cloth)
Price: $26.50 (paper), $87.50 (cloth)
Publisher: 2011, New York, Columbia University Press