Lifelong Learning for professionals working with laboratory animals

The Animal Welfare Body Utrecht has published its Lifelong Learning policy, on behalf of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht.

The Lifelong Learning Policy for professionals within Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht working with laboratory animals has been launched with effect from 15 March. The policy, approved by establishment licence holders UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University on 5 October 2022, consists of a core policy and an implementation guide with more specific information for different positions.

The policy sets out the agreements by which the licence holders of UU and UMCU give shape to their legal and moral obligation to ensure that laboratory animals are used only by knowledgeable and competent staff. It is an important step in the professionalisation of the way in which we use laboratory animals.

The Animal Welfare Body made an animated video (in Dutch, subtitles in English) in which you can see what the policy means concretely for you if you work with laboratory animals.

If you want to know more or have any questions, check out the website of the Animal Welfare Body including a Q&A. For other questions, please email us at