2 August 2016

Karl Kügle joins editorial board of Plainsong and Medieval Music

prof. dr. Karl Kügle
prof. dr. Karl Kügle

Professor Karl Kügle (Musicology) will be joining the editorial board of Plainsong and Medieval Music, starting with the academic year 2016-17.

Plainsong and medieval music

Published by Cambridge University Press in association with the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society and the 'Cantus planus' study group of the International Musicological Society, Plainsong and Medieval Music is one of the two leading international peer-reviewed journals dedicated to research in music of the Middle Ages. Topics treated range from plainchant to complex polyphony, and encompass Eastern and Western chant, secular lyric, music theory and paleography, performance practice, as well as medieval polyphony, sacred and secular. The chronological scope extends from late antiquity to the early Renaissance and to the present day in the case of chant. In addition to articles embodying original research, the journal publishes book reviews, a list of important recent publications, an annual bibliography of chant research and an annual discography of chant recordings.

Karl Kügle

Kügle's research interests are focused on the history of European music during the later Middle Ages (ca. 1250-1450), late medieval and early modern court cultures in a transdisciplinary context, and the epistemology of sound, hearing, and music during the later Middle Ages and from ca. 1800 to the present. Recently he has been awarded a prestigious HERA subsidy in the amount of 1.2 million euro for the project ‘Sound Memories: The Musical Past in Late-Medieval and Early-Modern Europe’ (SoundMe), as well as an ERC Advanced Grant to research the role of music in late-medieval court cultures.