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Betweter Festival is back! Your annual dose of interpretation and fresh ideas. This edition too, we fill TivoliVredenburg with a unique mix of talks, music, film, interactive installations and live scientific research. We answer doubts with facts and facts with doubts. Are you coming on the evening of Friday 30 September? Tickets are available now

Together with scientists and artists we will think and dream about a better world. What does it mean to stop seeing man as the centre? Can digital technology and democracy go together? And how do we put an end to inequality? The event is also open to non-Dutch speakers. All experiments are in English and there is an English itinerary in the venue programming.

First names

We can already reveal the first names! Singer MEAU, political scientist Jolle Demmers, cabaret artist Merijn Scholten, writer Roxane van Iperen, spoken word artist Zaïre Krieger, anthropologist Amade M'Charek and sustainability scientist Jessica Duncan. Plus: experiments on what the contents of your bladder tell you about your health, and the relationship between breathing, music and emotions.

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