Framework for further development of Utrecht Science Park approved

The Utrecht City Council approved the Environmental Vision Utrecht Science Park 2040 on 15 September with two motions and an amendment. This vision describes the ambitions and the desired development direction of the Utrecht Science Park until 2040. It sets out the ambitions for growth of housing, working, services, sports and sustainable energy generation and its extent.

The vision also deals with preconditions and quality improvement of the Utrecht Science Park in the areas of greenery, recreational space, liveliness and accessibility. Important starting points are: enabling a more than doubling of the number of residents, sufficient development space for a substantial science-related job growth and more facilities and liveliness in the Utrecht Science Park. Other important starting points are a green-blue framework as a landscape carrier for the area with attention to recreation, staying in green areas, climate adaptation, biodiversity and cultural history. The vision also provides opportunities to generate sustainable energy locally in order to meet the 2030 climate objectives and a solid steering option to improve accessibility and infrastructure, such as keeping out through-going car traffic. You can read the entire vision and a short summary here.

There is a great new environmental vision for the Utrecht Science Park. We are happy with it. Area development has no beginning and no end, but it does need direction to promote healthy development. The Utrecht Science Park environmental vision gives that direction to Utrecht University and other landowners to help this area retain its unique landscape qualities and strengthen its enormous potential as a lively science park.

Nieuwe Utrechtse samenwerking in onderzoek naar Voeding & Gezondheid
Anton Pijpers
president Utrecht University Executive Board

Involved community

The vision came about through close cooperation between the Utrecht municipality and landowners Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht, and with input from the Utrecht Science Park Foundation as representative of the (common) interests of partners and users of the Utrecht Science Park. In addition, many stakeholder organisations, residents, local residents and users were involved in the vision in various ways.

We are pleased with the broad support of the vast majority of the council for the plans. It is an important first step to realise the joint ambitions with the municipality, Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and other Utrecht Science Park partners.

Jan Henk van der Velden
managing director Utrecht Science Park Foundation


With the environmental vision as a framework, Utrecht University will further develop the Utrecht Science Park in the coming years. Utrecht University is currently working on area plans for each subarea, which will give further shape to the ambitions from the environmental vision. For the elaboration of the plans, a process will be set up with the Utrecht municipality, other area owners and stakeholders, and formal procedures in the form of an environmental permit or environmental plan (formerly zoning plan) still need to be completed.