Foundation laid for better connection between UMCU and UU IT facilities

Twee mensen schudden handen

In 2020, the The Executive Board of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht started improving their cooperation on several themes. One of these themes focuses on improving the mutual accessibility of infrastructure and IT facilities. In the area of IT, the foundation has now been laid on a technical level to improve this mutual accessibility. Thanks to efforts by the IT departments of both UMC Utrecht and UU (Information and Technology Services), the source systems of both parties are now better connected.

Improved access for UMCU lecturers to UU IT facilities

Based on this new foundation, requesting user accounts for lecturers and supervisors of students in Medicine is now improved. Previously, some of this was done through forms, but this process has now been digitized. This has made requesting a Solis-id for a lecturer or supervisor at UMCU safer and more efficient.

Future developments

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, additional (technical) enhancements are underway to further strengthen the collaboration between UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to optimally support teachers, researchers and students of both institutions in their educational activities and provide a seamless user experience for individuals moving between UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University.