Five projects receive funding from NWO PhDs in the Humanities

This year, Utrecht University is exceptionally successful in the 'PhDs in the Humanities' funding programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO): all five candidates from Utrecht University have been awarded a PhD position. In the next four years they will conduct research into the subject of their choice.

The accepted proposals

Hayat Ahili
From Reformist to Radical Salafi ThoughtA Modern Publication History of Ibn Taymiyya’s (d. 1328 CE) Legal Opinions
Supervisor: Prof. Christian Lange
Co-supervisor: Dr Umar Ryad
Research Institute for Philosophy and Religious Studies

Sophie van den Elzen
“La femme esclave:” Afterlives of Slavery and Abolitionism in Women’s Rights Movements of France, Germany, and the Netherlands, 1832-1914
Supervisor: Prof. Ann Rigney
Institute for Cultural Inquiry

Andrea van Leerdam
Woodcuts as Reading Aids. Illustrations and Knowledge Transfer in Printed Books in Dutch on the Natural World, c. 1480 - c. 1550
Supervisor: Prof. Arnoud Visser
Co-supervisors: Dr Bart Besamusca and Dr Daantje Meuwissen (VU)
Institute for Cultural Inquiry

Silvia Radulescu
Rule Induction and Input Complexity
Supervisor: Prof. Sergey Avrutin
Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS

Niels Terpstra
Why do Civilians Comply with a Rebel Group? Towards a Better Understanding of Rebel Governance and Legitimation Processes During Civil War
Supervisor: Prof. Georg Frerks
Research Institute for History and Art History

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PhDs in the Humanities

The aim of the PhDs in the Humanities funding instrument is to increase the number of young talented researchers in the humanities, and to facilitate their progression on the academic career ladder. In this round, 20 out of 41 submitted proposals have been selected to receive funding.

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