First group of teachers completes Interdisciplinary Education Programme!

The last meeting if the Interdisciplinary Education Programme took place at the end of March. The programme is intended for experienced teachers (working at UU, UMC, UCU and UCR) who are involved in the development and implementation of interdisciplinary education at Utrecht University during the programme. Alle participants have successfully completed the course!

During the last meeting, we reflected on the results of the programme. Participants reflected on what the course has brought them in terms of developing, implementing and evaluating interdisciplinary education. In the form of a ‘World Café’, the following topics were discussed; the importance of interdisciplinary education, the network/collaboration and the ‘knowledge in context’.

The programme aims to enable its participants to give form and context to interdisciplinary education. After completing the programme, teachers will be able to make choices that are appropriate for the learning objectives of their interdisciplinary education and have carried out an intervention within an existing or new programme.

Soon, a new group of teachers will start the second (English) edition of the interdisciplinary Education Programme. This will include teachers working within the alliance of UU and UMC Utrecht with Eindhoven University of Technology and Wageningen University & Research.