ERC Consolidator Grant for Dr. Ozan Ozavci

We are proud to announce that core team member of the Contesting Governance Platform Dr. Ozan Ozavci has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant (€2m).

We will reveal inter-imperial competition, economic inequities, and racial and Orientalist biases, and how cooperating countries overcame these barriers.

ERC-COOPERATION will recapture the lost archives and historical knowledge of international public health cooperation between the ‘global north’ and the ‘global south’. We will analyse its first and longest-lasting instances in history: the sanitary councils in the Middle East and North Africa. The councils’ European, American, and native co-founders invented new models for fighting pandemics through cooperation on the spot and stopping the diseases in their tracks. The team will examine to what extent they managed to overcome the familiar barriers to cooperation posed by inter-imperial competition in a multipolar world, economic inequities, protests against quarantine restrictions, and racial and Orientalist biases, among others.