Drs. Saskia Spee and Dr. Sterre Leufkens receive funding to develop Dutch language courses

Drs. Saskia Spee, coordinator of language and culture courses at UCU and Dr. Sterre Leufkens of the Department of Dutch Language and Culture at UU, have received additional funding from the UU Executive Board to continue to develop Dutch language courses for international students.

In the past academic year the pair had developed a plan to offer Dutch language courses to international students at UU. After consultations with colleagues in the field and with international students about their needs, the difficulties they encounter and their wishes with regard to their life and studies in Utrecht, the beginner level courses were designed and rolled out as a pilot. We are happy to report that the pilot courses are now almost finished and the first results are positive. The demand for Dutch courses is very high and students are motivated to learn the language and in this way feel more at home at the university and in the Netherlands.

With the current funding provided, they will continue to design Dutch courses at a higher level and further develop the structure for a Dutch language program for international UU students. Congratulations to all involved for their contribution to improving international students' experiences and their sense of involvement in the UU and the Netherlands!