Design to play at the National Science Weekend


Rianne Dekker en Karin Geuijen from the Governance Lab Utrecht organized a workshop at the National Science Weekend. In the workshop, they asked children living in an asylum center to co-design playing facilities for children. This workshop was an element in their research into redesigning asylum center to enhance their fit with society. Between 30 and 40 children participated in the workshop. Together they made a painting on a live-sized canvas picturing indoor and outdoor spaces. They came up with ideas such as a teepee, family swing, guest beds, a climbing rock, vegetable garden and (stuffed animals) animals.
The process and outcome of this workshop is edited into a short movie that will be offered to the designers of "Plan Einstein 2.0". The asylum center will soon be renovated and might incorporate some of the ideas from the workshop participants Click here for more information (Dutch only) or contact Karin Geuijen or Rianne Dekker.