23 December 2019

CFP Market Revolutionairies: call for papers

The Decolonization Group organizes an interdisciplinary Workshop on Neoliberal Development and the Global South. This interdisciplinary workshop seeks to understand Neoliberal market reform and Neoliberal ideas as related to politics and the challenge of development in the Global South. The workshop wants to invite scholars from the fields of history, law, political science, sociology, economics and media and cultural studies as well as other academics who work on the topics of Neoliberal economics – broadly defined – to join this debate.

Submission of Abstracts 
Please send an abstract of max. 500 words, a short CV and a document in which you explain your travel arrangements and budget (if you require support) to decolonisationgroup@gmail.com by 3 February 2020 (midnight). For more information you can contact Frank Gerits (f.p.l.gerits@uu.nl) and Stacey Links (s.links@hum.leidenuniv.nl). Contributors will be notified regarding the acceptance of their contribution by 20 February 2020. Invited speakers will be expected to submit a draft paper prior to the event, which will be circulated among all other participants. This is a small scale workshop intended to discuss research projects at different stages. Researchers from all disciplines are warmly invited to apply, particularly those research working in the Global South. 

Some bursaries will be available to cover travel expenses for participants from outside of Utrecht, but these are unlikely to be enough to cover all expenses for all participants. We therefore ask participants to make their own travel arrangements and then apply for funding. Please include a budget for travel and 1 night stay, when you send in your paper proposal. Priority will be given to PhD candidates and early career scholars  who need to travel from afar. Bursaries can cover your entire trip or part of it, based on your need.

This workshop and the Decolonisation Group are supported by the Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges