Call for Papers: Failure in healthcare

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The New Utrecht School and te Journal of Trial and Error invite you to write a contribution to their special issue on scientific failure and uncertainty in the health domain.

Health professionals

In this call, we aim to inspire health professionals to take heed and critically reflect on the role of failure and trial & error in healthcare practices by sharing research. We want to explore how opening up on trial & error in health practice and medical research can be productive. What can we learn from failure? What do specific case studies showcasing the process of trial & error tell us about the best way to develop new treatments? 


With the goal of stimulating a critical discussion on the role of failure and trial & error in the health domain, we invite submissions that focus on empirical examples of failure and trial & error. We encourage a diversity of contributions, but all contributions should discuss the health domain. We actively encourage submissions of articles which have been previously written but were never published.

Would you like to contribute to this special issue? Click the button below for more information and send your proposal of no more than 300 words and no later than 31 January 2023 to Stefan Gaillard: