Academic staff

Get to know members of the teaching staff of History and Philosophy of Science.

Daan Wegener

You could say that I am the generalist within the HPS group of the FI. I have taught courses on many different subjects, from the history of modern physics, to science and the public, to the history of magic and science. One of the things that I love about this master programme is the freedom to try out new things and to keep developing yourself. The two new history of knowledge courses are particularly exciting in my opinion. The range of topics they cover is dazzling, the possibilities for variation are endless. To students and teachers alike that can be a wonderful intellectual journey.

Abigail Nieves-Delgado

I am interested in understanding the different ways in which science impacts our daily life. This is why I always look for ways to connect philosophical ideas to historical events and current societal challenges in my teaching and research. In the HPS program I teach history and philosophy of the modern life sciences, philosophy of biology and scientific integrity courses. My favorite research topics are racialization practices in the history of science as well as in contemporary biomedical research (for example in microbiome research and epigenetics) and in biometric technologies such as facial recognition. I am also interested in the history of ethnobiology in Latin America, traditional knowledge and feminist philosophy of science.