Pre-Master's programme

This information applies to students who wish to start their pre-Master’s programme in September 2024.

Who can apply?

A pre-Master's Programme is only available for graduated hbo (University of Applied Science) students with a relevant Dutch educational background who do not need housing, and who do not have or require a residence permit for study purposes. When in doubt about your residence permit, you can send an email to Utrecht University's Admissions Office, including a copy of both sides of the permit. Do not forget to state clearly that you are referring to a pre-Master’s programme.

The pre-Master’s programme starts in the first week of September and must be concluded in one year. Please note that you cannot receive a refund of (a part of) the tuition fee if you decide to discontinue the pre-Master once you have started. If the Board of Studies however decides that you need to discontinue your studies due to insufficient progress you will be proportionally refunded.

New focus of study

The pre-Master’s programme was developed for highly motivated students with a Dutch ‘hbo’ (college) degree in Economics or another relevant ‘hbo’-programme with a substantial link to Economics and Finance. For most ‘hbo’ students this will be a new focus of study, meaning that it is not directly aligned with the courses you have already completed, in terms of either content or working methods. You will need to bridge some gaps in a number of different areas in terms of methodology, knowledge and academic orientation (research elective).

Entry requirements

The pre-master’s programme has strict and specific entry requirements

The content of the pre-Master's programme

The pre-Master's programme is a 45 EC programme spread over one year. It is English taught and includes the following courses.

If you did not acquire (sufficient) knowledge of Mathematics in your bachelor, we strongly advise you to study the following Mathematics textbook during your pre-Master’s programme: Pemberton, M., Rau, N. (2015). Mathematics for Economists. An Introductory Textbook, 4th edition. Manchester University Press. ISBN: 978-1-7849-9148-7

Insufficient progress

The pre-Master’s programme must be concluded in one year. Students who, even after retake, have not passed a course will be excluded from the programme. 

Tuition Fees pre-Master’s programme

More information on the tuition fees for pre-Master students.

More information

If you have questions about the pre-Master’s programme, please contact the Graduate School of Economics by email.