Degree from a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO)

Students with a degree from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (hogeschool) do not have direct access to this Master’s programme. However, you might be eligible when you complete a pre-Master’s programme in Youth Development and Social Change (formerly known as Youth Studies) at Utrecht University with an average grade of 7.5 or higher and meet all other entry requirements. For more information about all entry requirements, please consult this page.

Please realise that simply completing this pre-Master’s programme does not guarantee admission to this Master’s programme. Make sure you have alternate plans in case you do not meet the additional requirements. You can find all entry requirements below:

  1. A Dutch Bachelor´s degree of the University of Applied Sciences (hbo) worth 240 credits and a completed pre-Master’s programme Youth Development and Social Change at Utrecht University.
  2. A minimum average grade of 7.5 for the courses in the above mentioned pre-Master’s programme.
  3. Sufficient academic knowledge and skills in methods and statistics (please consult this document for specific requirements).
  4. Sufficient command of the English Language.
    Please note that as a graduate from a Dutch University of applied sciences you do not have to fulfil any extra language requirements for this programme.
  5. Motivation that fits the aim of this programme.

You can apply to this Master’s programme once you are following the pre-Masters programme. For more information on how to apply, please select Dutch research university as your previous education.