Career prospects

The research Master's programme in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance studies is both academically and socially relevant. By developing your professional skills and your ability to work independently, you will be well prepared for the challenges of the modern employment market. Almost all graduates found a job within two years of graduating.

Academic careers

The research Master’s programme is designed for students with the ability and ambition to pursue an academic career. Approximately 50% of our graduates opt for a PhD position in the Netherlands or abroad. Others remained in the academic sphere with careers in secondary and higher education, museums, archives, publishing, translation, etc. Graduates of this programme have received PhD offers from (amongst others):
University of Wales | University of Princeton | Ghent University | University of Antwerp | University of Cambridge | University of Glasgow | University of Leeds | Ruhr-Universität Bochum | University of Vienna | Aberystwyth University

The programme managed to simulate the practical research endeavours and daily routine of my research job today.

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Towards the job market

This research Master's programme does not only prepare for an academic career. You can also pursue a professional career in the field. Our alumni found jobs as: 

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Career development

Cultural transfer

To assist you in preparing for life after university as a scholar of Antiquity, the middle Ages or the Renaissance, we offer three courses on ‘cultural transfer’ in the second year. In these courses, you become acquainted with ‘Premodern sources in modern contexts’, ‘tangible and intangible heritage’, and ‘theory and practice in archaeology and monument preservation’. You are also eligible for a work placement in ancient, medieval and renaissance studies.

Career Services

Career Services offers events, tests, coaching and training in and outside your Master's programme, related to professional self-analysis, career orientation and job application skills. You can find more information about career services on Career Services for Dutch students or Career Services for international students.

Other career events

  • Your Perspective is a monthly career orientation meeting for students and alumni of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. 
  • The Faculty of Humanities organises a Career Night Humanities with interesting partners who will illustrate the diversity in career opportunities for humanities graduates.
  • Once a year Utrecht University organises a Careers Day. This Careers Day offers the opportunity to sign up for workshops and trainings, and to meet recruiters at the careers fair.