Webinar Nicolas Petit: "Big tech firms: monopolies, gatekeepers, or systemic actors?"


This webinar is a collaboration between GDS & RENFORCE and will be hosted by Thibault Schrepel, coordinator of the Special Interest Group (SIG) ‘Blockchain for societies’.

Big tech firms: monopolies, gatekeepers, or systemic actors?"

Thibault Schrepel will host this webinar on December 1st, from 13.00 o’clock. He has invited Nicolas Petit, Professor of European Competition Law at European University Institute. Nicolas will share his thoughts on whether big tech firms are monopolies, gatekeepers, or systemic actors and explain why that’s not that simple.

Professor Nicolas Petit
Professor Nicolas Petit (source: European University Institute)

About Nicolas Petit

Nicolas Petit has been appointed as Joint Chair in Competition Law at the European University Institute (EUI) and the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (RSCAS). He is also invited Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges. Nicolas Petit is the co-author of the recent "Big Tech and the Digital Economy: The Moligopoly Scenario" (Oxford University Press, 2020), EU Competition Law and Economics (Oxford University Press, 2012), and Droit européen de la concurrence (Domat Montchrestien, 2013, 2018 an 2020), a monograph which was awarded the prize for the best law book of the year at the Constitutionnal Court in France.

Governing the Digital Society

This webinar is co- organized by the Utrecht University focus area Governing the Digital Society. Governing the Digital Society promotes research on the social processes of datafication, algorithmisation and platformisation. The focus area's basic research inquiry revolves around the question: How to develop and apply principles of (good) governance in digital societies?


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