Pathways to Sustainability Conference Week 2021 - Making Change Happen

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The Pathways to Sustainability Conference Week will take place in the week of 11-14 October 2021. The whole week is devoted to the theme of ‘Making Change Happen’. Register now!

It is abundantly clear that halting the climate crisis before reaching irreversible tipping points is crucial. Alarming messages reach us in an ever-higher frequency, but we can also see change occurring. Speculation abound about ‘social tipping points’, whether it is climate activism, technological development, ecosystem restoration, or changing appreciations in the financial world.

The Pathways to Sustainability Conference Week Making Change Happen is filled with PtS-related activities, each tailored to specific aims and audiences organized from different areas of expertise, in which there is room for deepening and knowledge exchange. From Gaming to Circular Economy, from Transformation of Cities to Flood Risk Management, Making Change Happen can be experienced in all our sessions.

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