GDS webinar with Ayona Datta: Inclusion in the datafied city

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The GDS webinar series, an online seminar series, is organised by our Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinators. They have each invited a leading expert in their research field to enlighten us about the different aspects of governing the digital society. Once a month you will have the opportunity to tune in via our GDS Team or the link to the public stream we will share in Teams and here on our website.

Inclusion in the datafied city

On the 23rd of February the Special Interest Group “Inclusion in the datafied city” will host the webinar. SIG-coordinator Michiel de Lange has invited Ayona Datta to talk about the theme of inclusion in the datafied city. She will share and discuss her work on gendering the smart city, and her action research in Delhi’s urban peripheries that uses creative methods to give voice to local residents through animation and podcasts.

In the discussion that follows the talk, we will touch upon questions like what processes of in- and exclusion are occurring in today’s datafied cities, and how can we create more inclusive smart cities? 

Webinar participants are kindly asked to prepare by opening this storymap link in advance:  

Ayona Datta

Ayona Datta is a Professor in Urban Geography in University College London. Her expertise is in postcolonial urbanism, smart cities, urban futures, and gender citizenship.

Governing the Digital Society

This webinar series is organized by the Utrecht University focus area Governing the Digital Society. Governing the Digital Society promotes research on the social processes of datafication, algorithmisation and platformisation. The focus area's basic research inquiry revolves around the question: How to develop and apply principles of (good) governance in digital societies?

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