GDS webinar : Ludek Stavinoha on “Everyday forms of (non)mediated contestation and volunteer-refugee solidarities”

Vluchtelingenkamp ©
Vluchtelingenkamp ©

The next installment of the Governing the Digital Society webinar series will be on November the 24th. The GDS webinar series, an online seminar series, is organized by the Special Interest Group (SIG) coordinators. They have each invited a leading expert in their research field to enlighten the audience about the different aspects of governing the digital society. Once a month you will have the opportunity to tune in via the GDS Team or the link to the public stream that will be shared in Teams and on the GDS website.

Everyday forms of (non)mediated contestation and volunteer-refugee solidarities

Koen Leurs, coordinator of the SIG “Digital Migration”, will kick off the webinar series on November the 24th from 12.00-13.00 o’clock. He has invited Ludek Stavinoha, lecturer in Media and International development at the University of East Anglia. Ludek will share his thoughts on everyday forms of (non)mediated contestation and volunteer-refugee solidarities.

About Ludek Stavinoha

Ludek is a lecturer in Media and International Development. His research interests lie at the intersection of critical media studies, humanitarian communication, political sociology, and international development. His current research explores the role of grassroots humanitarian volunteers in the 'refugee crisis' in Greece through ethnographic research on the island of Chios. The project focuses on two related areas: 1) the everyday practices of volunteers in humanitarian spaces and the relations of solidarity they enact with refugees; 2) how refugees exercise their political agency in and beyond the media.

Governing the Digital Society

This webinar series is organized by the Utrecht University focus area Governing the Digital Society. Governing the Digital Society promotes research on the social processes of datafication, algorithmisation and platformisation. The focus area's basic research inquiry revolves around the question: How to develop and apply principles of (good) governance in digital societies?

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