EQUIMOB & OCP: Imagining [equitable] transport and [inclusive] city-making in Global South


Rapid urbanization in the Global South, marked by investments in highways, flyovers, and Mass Rapid Transit, is transforming transportation systems in countries such as India and Bangladesh. However, these advancements often follow a "one-size-fits-all" approach rooted in patriarchal and technocratic paradigms, which can exacerbate existing inequalities, leading to pockets of social exclusion and deep-seated impacts on everyday life. 

EQUIMOB and IOS Open Cities Platform are hosting a seminar that will delve into the unique challenges faced by vulnerable and marginalised populations in navigating these rapidly growing cities. By focusing on low-income households, older adults, women, and people with disabilities, we will explore the complex interplay of infrastructure, policy, and social norms that contribute to transport inequalities. The seminar features presentations by EQUIMOB researchers from India and Bangladesh who will engage with the following topics:

  • What constraints women’s access to public mobility infrastructures? 
  • How do women negotiate safety, respectability and the male gaze in public spaces? 
  • How do low-income older adults and young women living in urban peripheries negotiate transport systems to access work? 
  • What are the key physical and social barriers for people with disabilities to accessing public transport?

We are excited to announce that the seminar will feature discussions with:

  • H.E. Riaz Hamidullah (Ambassador of Bangladesh to the Netherlands),
  • Dr. Romit Chowdhury (Erasmus University) and
  • Prof. Sanghamitra Roy (Manipal Academy of Higher Education),

Join us to engage in critical dialogue about promoting more equitable and inclusive urban transport systems in the Global South. There will be many opportunities for further discussion and networking during the session and the drinks.  

Start date and time
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Westerdijkkamer, Academiegebouw