Coming Out Day 2020

Regenboogvlag aan het Academiegebouw (foto Hellen van der Maazen)

On Friday October 9 16:30 Utrecht University organizes together with Hogeschool Utrecht LGBT+ Coming Out Day for the fourth time in row. Also in 2020 the UU will raise the rainbow flag at five different locations: the Administration Building, University Hall, University Medical Center Utrecht, Janskerkhof and University College Utrecht. Due to the Covid-19 restictions this will be done in a small company and is unfortunately not open to other audiences. Prof. Dr. Plantenga, Diversity Dean and Prof. Dr. John de Wit, core group member UURainbow Network are present at the flag ceremony and will give a speech. Present will be representatives from the UURainbow Network, LGBT+ student association and U.H.S.V. Anteros. The flag ceremony will be photographed and shown online afterwards.

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