15 September 2020 from 19:30 to 21:30

Big History #5: From clay tablets to supercomputers

In CERN a supercomputer calculates the speed of minuscule particles and sometimes we wonder if artificial intelligence is smarter than we are. It's hard to imagine that science began with human awareness of patterns, thousands of years ago, discernable in striped patterns scratched into stone. In Big History #5, Professor of Digital Humanities Rens Bod (UvA) goes in search of the groundbreaking insights that lead from pattern recognition, the discovery of natural laws to the advanced sciences of today. What does this history tell us about the way we do science in 2020?

This event is part of the serie 'Big History' organized in collaboration with TivoliVredenburg, The Centre for Humanities and the Centre for Global Challenges. For more information and other editions, please visit Big History #5 (in Dutch).

Start date and time
15 September 2020 19:30
End date and time
15 September 2020 21:30
Entrance fee
10€ (regular), 5€ (student)
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Please note that event will be held in Dutch