Webinar Day Literary Studies

On 13 October 2018, Dr Frank Brandsma and first-year student Grace Mghayar provided you with detailed information about our Bachelor's programme and shared their personal experiences on the programme with you. You can watch the recording on the Literary Studies webinar page.

From Poems to Fan Fiction

How do we distinguish literary texts from non-literary ones? What role does literature play in society, and what role did it use to play? Students taking Utrecht University’s Bachelor programme in Literary Studies will take a comparative look at literature of all eras, ranging from antiquity to the present time, focusing both on literature in itself and on its relation to other art forms and types of media. This programme takes in everything from epic poems to novels, and from novels to fan fiction. 

Without borders

Walk into a random bookshop and you will find literature written by authors from all over the world. In fact, the chances are that you read all sorts of literature yourself, be it European or Japanese literature, recent works or novels written in the past, poetry, fan fiction, what have you. Our Literary Studies programme will similarly allow you to cross such borders, as literature comes in many languages and represents many different cultures.

Of All Ages

Why are certain stories exciting, while others fail to excite us? How does one recognise a good plot, and what types of plots recur in different guises throughout the ages? How do literature and society affect each other? By comparing texts from various ages and languages, students will uncover principles that go well beyond the confines of language.

I’ve noticed that in my current job, I particularly benefit from the critical eye on texts this programme gave me.
Christine Lemaire, alumna Literary Studies

For Literary Omnivores

Do you love reading in multiple languages (English, French and German as well as Dutch)? Are you interested in any type of literature, no matter the genre? If so, Utrecht University’s Literary Studies programme will be right up your alley, because it is designed for literary omnivores. It is essential that you are a critical reader, though, and that you are always looking for the story behind the story.  

An Ongoing Debate

As a Literary Studies student, you will never be lost for words. Literary scholars never stop debating. For this reason, we will teach you to have opinions and to defend these opinions. 

  • Giulia Monteverde, Literary Studies student
    "Literary Studies changes the way I think. Whenever I watch a movie or read a book, I notice more patterns and messages than I used to."
  • Julia von Buch, Literary Studies student
    "Literary Studies gives me inspiration, content and so many new perspectives. It unites history, creativeness, psychology and philosophy."


Mode of study:
Language of instruction:
3 years
Tuition fee:
  • Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee 2021-2022, full-time): € 1,084
  • Institutional fee 2021-2022: € 8,006 (EU/EEA), € 9,326 (non-EU/EEA)
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Degree: This Bachelor's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
BA (Bachelor of Arts)
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