Experience the Bachelor

There are several ways to get a first impression of the programme Literary Studies. You can visit an Open Day or sign up for the student for a day event. You can also read about the experiences of students who are following the programme themselves.

Visit the Open Day

Rebecca shares her experience of studying in the heart of Utrecht city

During the Open Day, make sure to visit the information market where you can ask all your questions to teachers and students. Sign up for campus tours through our buildings in the historic city center, or attend a mini lecture. You'll also find information about finances, study choice assistance, honors, studying with disabilities, sports, and much more.


The next Bachelor’s Open Day to get to know this programme is on Saturday 9 March (on campus).

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Experience days

Curious to know what it's like to study Literary Studies in Utrecht? Then come and join us for a day before you apply. After your application, you'll also take part in a matching process.

Student for a day

During a student for a day event, you'll attend one or more classes and have the opportunity to chat with students and teachers. You will also be introduced to  Study Association Euphorion. You're welcome to join if you're in your final years of high school, transferring from another programme, or as an HBO student, and if you've already attended an Open Day.


After you apply for the programme, you'll participate in a matching process. This is similar to the student for a day event but is mandatory and serves as the final check to see if the programme suits you. You'll study course material at home, complete assignments, attend a lecture in Utrecht, and take a test. Afterwards, you'll receive a non-binding advice on whether the course is a good fit for you. It's a great opportunity to get to know your future classmates (and teachers) in advance.

Sign up: student for a day

Great that you are interested in our student for a day event! Register via the button below for one of the trial days for the 2023-2024 academic year. Do you have any questions? Please contact the Teaching Administration Office via the button below.

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This is what our students say

Our own students know better than anyone why the study programme Literary Studies is a good choice. Below you can read why they chose this programme and what makes it so unique.

I changed into a different person during my time in the program, thanks to the teachers who introduced me to wonderful authors and thinkers.

Jingzhe Zhang, graduate