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Webinar Day 2019

On 26 October 2019, Dr. Nynke de Haas and student Zoë op ten Berg hosted a live webinar on the English Language and Culture Bachelor's programme. Did you miss it? Don't worry, you can watch the recording on the English Language and Culture webinar page.  

A global language

Nearly a billion people on Earth use English in their everyday communication. Approximately 400 million are native English speakers everywhere from the United Kingdom to Australia and from South Africa to Alaska. English is a global language. And if you hope to participate in society at all, it is a language that you want to be able to speak and read.

But I already know English

Many students think they already know English. Not you. You know that there is still a lot to learn. And studying English also means investigating how the language actually works, and how people learn it and use the different varieties. Moreover, the English degree programme is more than language. You explore literature and culture in the English-speaking world in depth. Not only in Great Britain and the United States but also Ireland, Australia and South Africa.

Jane Austen and Charles Dickens as Instructors 

During your degree programme, not a day will go by without you learning a new English word. In Utrecht, one of the ways you learn the language is by reading great authors  ̶  not just by studying grammar. You study the influences of social and political developments. This fusion of language, literature and culture does not make learning English easier, but it does make it considerably more interesting. 

  • Fleur Kronenberg, student Engelse taal en cultuur
    "English isn’t a programme that will have you in the library 24/7 and that’s what makes it so great."
  • Marcel Withoos studeerde Engelse taal en cultuur
    "I can be writing a press release about a new beer bottle one day and giving interviews about a new medicine the next."


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3 years
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  • Dutch and other EU/EEA students (statutory fee 2021-2022, full-time): € 1,084
  • Institutional fee 2021-2022: € 8,006 (EU/EEA), € 9,326 (non-EU/EEA)
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BA (Bachelor of Arts)
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