Prof. dr. ir. T. (Tina) Vermonden

Prof. dr. ir. T. (Tina) Vermonden


My research is currently focussed on the development of biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug/protein delivery. We design, synthesize and characterize polymers with special emphasis on cross-linking techniques to obtain advanced material properties for biomedical applications. 


Current group members:

Antoinette van den Dikkenberg

Matej Dzurov, PhD student

Jaimie Hak

Erik Hebels, PhD-student

Dmitrii Iudin, PhD student

Levent Kocabas, junior UD

Greta di Marco, PhD student

Myriam Neumann, postdoc

Mies van Steenbergen

Matt Timmers, PhD student

Martina Viola (with dr. Miguel Dias Castilho & prof. Jos Malda)

You Lin Stiemsma

Eleonora Hochreiner (with dr. Bas van Ravensteijn)

Marta Garcia Valverde (with dr. Silvia Mihaila/prof. Roos Masereeuw)