S. (Syl) Blad MSc MA

Hugo R. Kruytgebouw
Padualaan 8
Kamer O104
3584 CH Utrecht

S. (Syl) Blad MSc MA

Programme Manager
Education Institute Chemistry

Education manager - Department of Chemistry

Educational policy: co-responsible for strategy, implementation and execution; educational development, educational programming and educational design; monitoring national and local developments; contact with receiving field

Quality assurance: shaping test plan and quality assurance plan; monitoring effectiveness of PCDA cycle; learning trajectories development and monitoring; accreditation; processing implications of evaluations

Teacher policy: mentoring new teachers; developing and implementing teacher portal for Chemistry-specific educational information; Education Staff Meetings and teacher community building; research into education; unlocking many development and educational innovation opportunities for teachers

Operations: efficient realization of goals within budget; coordinating work execution with teachers; teaching placements; teacher deployment; teaching institute management; appointing student assistants

From 2017-2021 member of the University Council