Media can contact Kees van den Bos on the following issues:

  • Justice
  • Societal Behavior
  • Radicalization, Extremism, Terrorism
  • Societal Conflict and Polarization
  • Trust in Law and Democracy
  • Sexual Abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses Community

Contacting Kees works fastest via e-mail:



In 2018 Kees' book Why People Radicalize was published. This book summarizes his research from the last 25 years. Arie Kruglanski writes about the book: "In this comprehensive work, Kees van den Bos offers the most comprehensive to date discussion of radicalization, its psychological and realistic determinants and its multiple facets. This volume is a must read for all those working in the domain of violent extremism, or investigating its nature. A truly important accomplishment."

In 2024, The Fair Process Effect is published. Tom Tyler notes about the book: 'Scholars and practitioners in management and law recognize the value of building rules and institutions around the psychological principles of the fair process effect. This deeply researched, compellingly written and engagingly optimistic book highlights the benefits of using this same model to address the political issues of polarization, distrust, and conspiracy thinking.'



Dissemination of research results and social psychological insights outside the scientific community includes various interviews, contributions to opinion desks, presentations, debates, and other mentioning of Kees' work and research program. This includes:


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