Prof. dr. Jan van Tartwijk

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw
Heidelberglaan 1
Kamer E3.11
3584 CS Utrecht

Prof. dr. Jan van Tartwijk

+31 30 253 3910

"Students who have a good relationship with their teacher, are more motivated and perform better."

Focus research and education

In his research and teaching, Jan van Tartwijk focuses on teacher-student communication processes in the classroom (in particular in multicultural classrooms), on the development of expertise of teachers and other professionals, and on the contibution teacher education and professional development can make to the development of expertise. Recently, he started research into differences between children's social and cultural environment within and outside the school and the effects of these differences on educational equity.



Jan van Tartwijk is the director of Utrecht University's Graduate School of Teaching (GST). In this role he aims to strengthen the collaboration between schools and universities in teacher education. Next to that, he is also a member of the curriculumcommittee that advices the Dutch Minister of Education about reforms in the currriculum for primairy and secondary education in the Netherlands. 



Jan van Tartwijk
Educational Sciences
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