Dr. Wilma Wessels

Vening Meineszgebouw A
Princetonlaan 8a
3584 CB Utrecht

Dr. Wilma Wessels

Stratigraphy & paleontology

Research interests are biostratigraphy, biochronology, biogeography and evolution. With main focus on Oligocene and  Miocene small mammal associations from Asia (Pakistan, Mongolia), Asia minor (Turkey), Northern Africa (Libya), and Europe (Serbia, Bosnia and herzegovina and Croatia).

Fieldwork research was in terrestrial basins of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Libya, Mongolia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey.

Member of the projects:

"Terrestrial Oligocene and Miocene vertebrate Biostratigraphy of Serbia" with Dr. Z. Markovic (Musuem of Natural History in Belgrad)e.

"Impact of Oligo-Miocene climate changes on Mongolian mammals" of Dr. G. Höck (Paleontological Geological Department Natural History Museum in Vienna, Austria and Paleontological Institute, Ulaan Baator, Mongolia).

“Evolution within isolated ecosystems: the Neogene Dinaride lake system’ of Dr. O. Mandic (Paleontological Geological Department Natural HistoryMuseum in Vienna, Austria).

"Eastern Libya Neogene Research Project (ELNRP)"  of Dr. N.T Boaz (International Institute for Human Evolutionary Research).