Dr. S.P. (Sylvia) van Borkulo

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer 364
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. S.P. (Sylvia) van Borkulo

Assistant Professor
Digital Technology and Education
+31 30 253 5649

I am a researcher in the NRO project Computational thinking and mathematical thinking: digital literacy in mathematics curricula. In this project we investigate how a teaching-learning strategy, focusing on digital tool use, can support 16-17 years old pre-university students in developing computational thinking skills related to mathematical thinking. A consortium, consisting of five schools, two universities and a curriculum development institute, will perform this theory-informed design study.

In European Erasmus+ project colette (Computational Thinking Learning Environment for Teachers in Europe) I collaborate with several partners to develop and research tasks for computational thinking. The goal of this project is to develop a learning platform for computational thinking that can easily be used by teachers and students in secondary education. 

In the REACT-EU project, as project leader, I work together with partners Co-Teach and the Numworx Digital Mathematics Environment (see the Numworx website) to develop an innovative platform for the subject computer science in the second phase of vwo (pre-university secondary education). The learning platform to be developed is characterised by the fact that the system analyses student behaviour in the learning platform (learning analytics), provides intelligent feedback on student progress (outer loop feedback), and facilitates individual student learning routes (adaptivity). The central question is how such facilities can be implemented and how effective they are for achieving the learning objectives of the subject of computer science in secondary education.

As a software engineer I was involved in the development of the Numworx Digital Mathematics Environment project.