Prof. dr. R.C. (Remco) Veltkamp

Leuvenlaan 4
Kamer 4.03
3584 CE Utrecht

Prof. dr. R.C. (Remco) Veltkamp

+31 30 253 4091

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Remco Veltkamp is professor of Game and Media Technology in the Faculty of Science. His research interests include:

  • Game technology, game design, games for good
  • 3D object and scenen analysis, recognition, retrieval
  • Video analysis, understanding
  • Image analysis, understanding
  • Music information retrieval
  • AR/VR interaction


"Serious gaming offers a lot of possibilities. Think of a game for cyber-security awareness. Or a virtual coach assisting a nurse, we are able to provide the virtual hands at the bedside, so to speak."

Games and gamification are playing an increasing role within our society. They enable users to practice, play, experiment, explore and learn in a safe, innovative and stimulating environment. Veltkamp is engaged in the development and application of software related to music, graphics and 3D objects in games and virtual worlds.

Among other things, Veltkamp is coordinator of the Utrecht Center for Game Research where all the research within the university in the field of games, gamification and interaction comes together and reinforces each other. This covers a very broad and diverse area. The development of software systems, artificial intelligence and avatars for training and simulations, virtual worlds in 3D, interaction technology between people and the virtual world through heart rate and brain measurements. But also: how to tell a story in a game, how to use a game in training and education, and how to design levels and specific learning objectives.  

Veltkamp is also involved in the Dynamics of Youth Hub Healthy Play, Better Coping. In it, he and colleagues from other disciplines explore the power and potential of play and gaming in the development of chronically ill children. The main goal is to gain insight into how play can help children cope better with their (chronic) illness.  


In addition to research, the university also pays structural attention to gaming and gamification in education. Veltkamp teaches the courses Game Programming and Small project Game and Media Technology. He is also co-founder of the Serious Game Society and editor of the International Journal of Serious Games



Game and media technology