Prof. dr. P. (Piet) Gros

David de Wiedgebouw
Universiteitsweg 99
Kamer 2.72
3584 CG Utrecht

Prof. dr. P. (Piet) Gros

Structural Biochemistry
+31 30 253 3127

Mission statement:

Regulation in cells and organisms is achieved by the interplay of proteins acting in concert to achieve a control over time and space. In many cases, the proteins involved are multi-domain proteins that function in large complexes. This enables a collective set of proteins to form a protein machinery that carries out elementary regulatory functions such as initiation, amplification, localization and inhibition. Our goal is to reveal the mechanisms of tertiary and quaternary-induced activation in multi-domain proteins and multi-protein complexes that underlie these recognition and regulation processes.

In addition, we remain to have a keen interest in methodology with respect to improving structural representations.


Primary techniques used in the lab:

  • protein chemistry
  • molecular biology
  • crystallography and
  • cryo-EM


Fields of interest:

  • complement imune defence
  • infection and immunity
  • bio-medical important molecular recognition and regulation processes
  • plasma-proteins, cell-surface receptors and membrane proteins