Nanna Verhoeff is professor of Screen Cultures & Society at the Department of Media and Culture Studies. She specializes in the analysis of emerging screen media, with a key interest in contemporary transformations in screen and interface cultures. She has published on (early) cinema, mobile screens and location-based media, interactive installations, urban media art, and media architecture. Her current research focuses on the development of concepts and methods for the analysis of performative technologies, situated arts and media, and urban interfaces. She is co-lead of the interdisciplinary research group [urban interfaces] that brings together researchers that investigate location- based media, art and performance in urban, public spaces, and her research is part of the platform Transmission in Motion. She is (co-)initiator of the Open Cities Platform for the strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies at Utrecht University. For the strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability, she organized the interdisciplinary project Creative Urban Methods. For the Faculty of Humanities, she has (co-)initiated the Creative Humanities Academy – an infrastructure for knowledge exchange with, and post-academic education for, arts and culture professionals. Together with colleagues from the Creative Humanities Academy and the Utrecht University School of Governance, she teaches continuing education in the program LinC A for arts and culture professionals.

Screen Cultures & Society
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