Leadership in Culture Artistic (LinC A)

Leiderschap in Cultuur Artistiek

The cultural and creative field is currently facing various and major challenges. Artistic practice must respond to the upheavals and crises of the contemporary moment. Digitization is increasingly impacting creative processes. Simultaneously, arts and culture professionals have to deal with constantly changing frameworks for funding. How do you keep developing yourself on a conceptual and artistic level in addition to all these societal, organizational and administrative demands?

Artistic leaders are creators as well as frontrunners in today’s culture and they play a major role in a society in which experience, expression, and ecology are increasingly intertwined with the economy and (the consequences of) technology and digitization. This requires expertise in creative practices as well as insights from contemporary cultural theory and philosophy, and knowledge about governance, management and organization. 

Leadership in Culture Artistic

Leadership in Culture Artistic (LinC A) is a program developed for artistic leaders, artists, makers, curators, and other professionals in the field of arts and culture who want to deepen and connect their conceptual, methodological and strategic skills and knowledge with that of others. Currently, this program is available in Dutch, but if there is enough interest in an English program this may also be offered.


Are you interested? Sent an email to: LinC@UU.nl.