Dr. N.E. Chisari

Dr. N.E. Chisari

Assistant Professor
String Theory Cosmology and ElemPart

I enjoy bringing research to the public through a number of different activities. 

Most recently, you can find a public lecture I gave on the best-selling book, "A brief history of time", by Stephen Hawking, for UU's Studium Generale program. The full video is here.

I used to contribute pieces regularly to the astrobites.org (in English) and astrobitos.org (in Spanish) blogs. These aim to bring current research to undergraduate students in astrophysics. I keep working with astrobites and (mostly) astrobitos to further develop our websites and our mission! I like to think as these websites as a classroom tool that I embed in my courses.

I recently received a Commnunity Engaged Learning grant to work on topics related to light pollution. Thanks to these funds, we could participate in the Nacht van de Nacht at Sonnenborgh Observatory, where we used a model of a city to teach children about good and bad ways of lighting and their consequences for observing the night sky. Our materials are available in the Teaching and Learning collection website.

If you are a UU student interested in blogging about science and outreach in general, feel free to contact me.