Marjolein van den Brink participates in the research programme on Family & Law, and she is a member of the School of Human Rights Research.

She defended her Ph.D thesis (Mothers in the mainstream; a gender analysis of the work of the UN Children's Rights Committee) in 2006. This research focused on the gendered effects of the Concluding Observations of the Committee on the position of parents (Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers 2006).

Van den Brink has published on a variety of topics including human rights of women and of LGBT's, the (ir)relevance of sex as a legal category, unpaid care as a legal issue, gender analysis of state sovereignty, and the accommodation of religious manifestation.

She is engaged in research into LGBT rights (gender identity, reproductive rights, parental rights), the 'framing' of circumcision m/f, and into sports, gender & human rights. Together with a Gender Studies colleague, she is working on the GIRARE project (Gender Identity Registration And Human Right Effects). For more information see: 

Key words: human rights, legal theory, gender

Completed Projects
Inequality and wellbeing at the intersection of gender, sexuality and contemporary migration: An interdisciplinary analysis of research and policy in Europe. 01.02.2017 to 02.10.2017
General project description

This research team will undertake an integrated expert consultation and scoping study to map and synthesize social policy research and analysis at the intersection of gender, sexuality and migration from an interdisciplinary perspective.. A critical objective of the scoping study is to identify key issues, people affected, research questions, conceptual perspectives and innovative methods that inform an agenda for future interdisciplinary research on gender, sexuality and migration by the project team and their collaborators.

Utrecht University Seed money from Institutions for Open Societies (pillar Equality, Inclusiveness and Social Mobility)

International law, equality and non-discrimination law, human rights, gender issues, multiculturality, legal theory