Dr. I.M. (Inge) van Geijlswijk

Clinical Pharmacologist
Director of Policy
+31 30 253 2066

How to ensure the availability of effective antimicrobials?

Inge van Geijlswijk, PharmD, PhD, is hospital pharmacist-clinical pharmacologist and head of the Pharmacy Department of the UU Faculty Veterinary Medicine. During previous work in the (human) hospital setting she was involved in clinical use of antimicrobials mainly in ICU setting, in close cooperation with clinical microbiologists, and performing individualized therapeutic drug monitoring and appropriate dosing. As member of the expert panel of the Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Institute (SDa) she assists in the process of further development of quantification tools for antimicrobial drug consumption in the Dutch husbandry.

Additionally she is involved in the EMA VMP-Reg Antimicrobials Sales and Use Data Project Group for implementing the monitoring due to the new Regulation EU 2019/6 in the EU memberstates.

Her ambitions are to promote antimicrobial stewardship, ie, to stimulate awareness and education of all involved professionals and veterinary students on this topic. Goal: (renewed) appreciation of antimicrobials as a non-renewable resource, resulting in more appropriate (reduced) usage of veterinary antimicrobials. Every day with antimicrobial treatment is a day of selecting antimicrobial resistant micro-organisms, especially in the microbiome.

In 2011 she finished her PhD thesis on melatonin in children with sleep onset insomnia, based on research done in cooperation with Hospital Gelderse Vallei at the Pharmaceutical Sciences department of the Faculty of Science, UU.