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I am an Assistant Professor in Urban Geography and Qualitative Research Methods in the Human Geography Department, Utrecht University. I have joined the University of Utrecht in 2010 as a post-doc researcher having previously worked as a Marie Curie research fellow at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research, Sussex University. I completed my PhD at the Institute for Ethnic and Migration Studies (IMES) at the University of Amsterdam in 2007 and have been a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for the study of Global Ethics in Birmingham in 2005.

My research is centred around irregular migration, smuggling, trafficking, surveillance, gender and public space. I am also editor at the Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie  and Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit


Events where I participate in:

* 8-9 June 2017: workshop 'Contested citizenship in urban spaces’, at the 2nd Transnational Development Conference Friction in a Mobile World: Transmigrants, Contested Citizenship and Human In/Security, Radboud University Nijmegen,

* 28-30 June 2017: panel participation at IMISCOE conference on Qualitative Research in Migration Studies, Rotterdam

* 28-30 June 2017: paper presentation in workshop at IMISCOE conference on Connected migrants: Questioning Europe in 4D: Digitization, Data, Discrimination & Diversity.

*4-6 Septembre 2017: paper presentation at EU GEO conference in Brussels, session T.S 5.16: Nightlife: Integration and In/Exclusion.


Scientific expertise
public space
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Work in Progress:

* A Special Issue for Geoforum on Re-Routing Migration Geographies: Migrants, Trajectories and Mobility Regimes, with Joris Schapendonk, Inga Schwarz and Griet Steel.

* An article for Mens en Maatschappij 'Van vluchteling tot buurtgenoot: place making in Utrecht in het digitale tijdperk', with Sara Miellet.

* A Special Issue for Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit, 'Ongewenste Migratie, Toezicht en Lokale Conflicten', with Richard Staring.

All publications
  2017 - Scholarly publications
Altink, S, van Liempt, I.C. & Wijers, M (2017). From Regulated Tolerance to Control: Prostitution Policy in the Netherlands - Mapping European Prostitution Policies. In H Wagenaar & S Jansen (Eds.), Mapping European Prostitution Policies - From Regulated Tolerance to Control: Prostitution Policy in the Netherlands Routledge.
van Liempt, I.C. (2017). Human Smuggling: A Global Migration Industry. Handbook on Migration and Globalization Edward Elgar Publishing.
van Liempt, I.C. (2017). Review of Migration, Mobilities and the Arab Spring: Spaces of Refugee Flight in the Eastern Mediterranean (ed. by Natalia Ribas-Mateos). Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie
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  2017 - Popularising publications
van Liempt, I.C. (2017). Book Review: Modern Slavery: The Margins of Freedom. Border Criminologies (blog)
  2016 - Scholarly publications
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van Liempt, I.C. & van Aalst, I. (2016). Whose Responsibility? The Role of Bouncers in Policing the Public Spaces of Nightlife Districts. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
  2016 - Professional publications
van Liempt, I.C. (2016). A Critical Insight into Europe´s Criminalisation of Human Smuggling - SIEPS Policy Paper. (12 p.). SIEPS, Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies.
van Liempt, I.C. (2016). Gezonde steden, buurttuinen en nieuwe ongelijkheid. AGORA : Magazine voor Sociaalruimtelijke vraagstukken, 32 (3), (pp. 22-24) (3 p.).
van Liempt, I.C. & de Jong, Vincent (2016). Interview met de We Are Here-groep in Amsterdam. AGORA : Magazine voor Sociaalruimtelijke vraagstukken, 32 (1).
  2016 - Other output
  2015 - Scholarly publications
Chimienti, M. & van Liempt, I. (2015). Super-diversity and the art of living in ethnically concentrated urban areas. Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, 22 (1), (pp. 19-35).
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  2015 - Professional publications
van Liempt, I.C., Schutjens, V.A.J.M. & Kuijpers, Thomas (30.06.2015). Rotterdam Chinatown revisited - Excursie door een multiculturele straat. Geografie, 24 (6), (pp. 30-33) (4 p.).
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  2014 - Scholarly publications
Schapendonk, J., van Liempt, I. & Spierings, B. (2014). Travellers and their journeys: A dynamic conceptualisaton of transient migrants' and backpackers' behaviour and experiences on the road. Migration studies, 3 (1), (pp. 49-67).
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  2014 - Professional publications
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  2013 - Scholarly publications
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  2013 - Professional publications
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  2012 - Scholarly publications
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  2011 - Scholarly publications
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  2011 - Professional publications
van Aalst, I. & van Liempt, I.C. (2011). Uitgaansstad onder spanning. Justitiële Verkenningen, 37 (4), (pp. 9-24) (16 p.).
van Aalst, I., van Liempt, I.C., Brands, J., Timan, T. & Schwanen, T. (2011). Surveillance in Urban Nightscapes. Dérive - Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, 44, (pp. 18-22) (5 p.).
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Inequality and wellbeing at the intersection of gender, sexuality and contemporary migration: An interdisciplinary analysis of research and policy in Europe.
01.02.2017 to 02.10.2017
General project description 

This research team will undertake an integrated expert consultation and scoping study to map and synthesize social policy research and analysis at the intersection of gender, sexuality and migration from an interdisciplinary perspective.. A critical objective of the scoping study is to identify key issues, people affected, research questions, conceptual perspectives and innovative methods that inform an agenda for future interdisciplinary research on gender, sexuality and migration by the project team and their collaborators.

Role Researcher Funding
Utrecht University: Seed money from Institutions for Open Societies (pillar Equality, Inclusiveness and Social Mobility)
Project members UU
Life after dark: night time and the contestation of space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
01.09.2016 to 31.08.2020
General project description 
Role Co-promotor & Project Leader Funding
Other grant (government funding): Indonesian Educational Scholarship offered by the Indonesia Endowment Fund (Ministry of Finance)
Project members UU
Sports dialogues: exploring the role of sports activities and sports facilities for refugee youth at a reception centre
01.07.2016 to 30.09.2017
General project description 

The aim of this project is to explore the meaning of sports activities and sports facilities for refugee youth for 1) their feeling at home at the reception centre, their feelings of belonging within the host country and 2) as a topic for discussing societal issues by actively using dialogues between refugee youth and (Dutch) students about the meaning of sports for social inclusion.



Role Supervisor Funding
Utrecht University: Sport & Society Seed Money 2016 ‘Towards social inclusion of refugees in Dutch society: how sport interventions matter’
Project members UU
From centres of exclusion to cities of inclusion: Encounters, knowledge exchange and conflict between asylum seekers and local communities
01.09.2015 to 31.08.2019
General project description 


Policies of dispersing asylum seekers to asylum centres are often understood to produce societal exclusion. However, it is unclear how variations in asylum centres? spatial, material and social structures reinforce processes of stereotyping, or by contrast, contribute to the inclusion of asylum seekers. This research will provide a nuanced account of the everyday social relations in and around three different types of asylum centres located in Bavaria, Germany, and will employ the concept of (un)familiarity to analyze the relations between asylum seekers and local residents. The methods used are photo diaries, semi-structured interviews, participant observation and postal surveys.

Role Co-promotor & Project Leader Funding
NWO grant: NWO Talentbeurs
Project members UU

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Courses that I am involved in:

* Qualitative Research Methods (Kwalitative Onderzoeksmethoden), Bachelor

* E learning module Interviewing Techniques: TrainTool

* Urban Consumption and Identity (Stedelijke Consumptie en Identiteit), Bachelor

* Migration Issues (Migratievraagstukken), Bachelor

* Advanced Research Methods, Master

* Living in the City, Master

* Doing Qualitative Research in Dynamic Settings, Research Master 

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Additional functions and activities

2017-2020       Ethical advisor on DOMEQUAL project. A Global Approach to Paid Domestic Work and Social Inequalities- H2020 - ERC Starting Grant.

2012-2017       Member of COST network: Comparing European Prostitution   Policies: Understanding Scales and Cultures of Governance (ProsPol)

2016               Editorial Commitee Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, TESG.

2016               Editorial Commitee Tijdschrift over Cultuur en Criminaliteit (TCC).

2015                Member of Advisory Board, WODC project Irregular Migration Routes to Europe and Factors Influencing Migrant’s Destination Choices, The Hague: Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum.

2014-now       Educational Committee Bachelor



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Full name
dr. I.C. van Liempt Contact details
Willem C. van Unnikgebouw

Heidelberglaan 2
Room 605
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 4437
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 1399
Postal address
Postbus 80.115
3508 TC    UTRECHT
The Netherlands
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