Inge Wissink graduated in 2000 at the Psychology department of the University of Groningen. After her PhD (University of Amsterdam) and postdoc (Utrecht University) research on the development of children and adolescents in different ethnic groups, she started working as an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam and later at the University of Utrecht. Since then she has focused on the development and validation of instruments for application within the youth care domain and on research into very vulnerable groups of young people within this domain (such as young people with MID). In recent years she has mainly been involved in strongly practice-driven research into online deviant behavior of young people (such as internet addiction, cyberbullying, sexting, hacking, online threats; cybercrime) and the factors that explain this behavior (personal, family, friends, school and social factors). To this end, she works together with schools in special education, the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Child Protection Board, the HALT Foundation and the National Police. As a co-promoter/committee member, she is also involved in projects aimed at strengthening the help offered by care institutions to children and young people who are vulnerable because of their problems and backgrounds, and to this end she works closely with Koraal and Partners for Youth, among others.