Prof. dr. Harald Hendrix

Early Modern Literature
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Harald Hendrix (1958) is full professor of Italian Studies at Utrecht University. Previously he worked as an associate professor Renaissance Studies in the Comparative Literature Department (1994-2001) and served as director of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (2014-2019). With a combined background in Cultural History, Comparative Literature and Italian Studies, he has published widely on the European reception of Italian Renaissance and Baroque culture (Traiano Boccalini fra erudizione e polemica, Olschki, 1995), on the early-modern aesthetics of the non-beautiful as well as on literary culture and memory. He is currently preparing a book on the cultural history of writers' houses in Italy, from Petrarch to the present day.
Harald Hendrix is chair of Italian Studies and supervises the RMA program in Renaissance Studies. He is a member of the steering committee of UCEMS, the Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies. 

Recent publications include Writers' Houses and the Making of Memory (Routledge, 2008; paperback 2012), Autorità, modelli e antimodelli nella cultura artistica e letteraria fra Riforma e Controriforma (with Antonello Corsaro and Paolo Procaccioli; Vecchiarelli, 2007), Officine del nuovo (with Paolo Procaccioli; Vecchiarelli, 2008), Dynamic Translations in the European Renaissance (with Philiep Bossier and Paolo Procaccioli; Vecchiarelli, 2011), The Turn of the Soul. Representations of Religious Conversion in Early Modern Art and Literature (with Lieke Stelling and Todd Richardson; Brill, 2011), The History of Futurism: The Precursors, Protagonists, and Legacies (with Geert Buelens en Monica Jansen; Lexington Books, 2012), Cyprus and the Renaissance, 1450-1650 (with Benjamin Arbel en Evelien Chayes; Brepols, 2013), and The Idea of Beauty in Italian Literature and Language (met Claudio Di Felice en Philiep Bossier; Brill 2019).


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The History of Futurism (Lexington Books, 2012)

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Italian Studies
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