The Utrecht Centre for Early Modern Studies (UCEMS) is the largest research centre in the Netherlands for the period between ca. 1500 and 1800. Over sixty researchers from different disciplines collaborate in studying the history, language, literature, religion, philosophy, science, art and music of the early-modern period from an international perspective. They focus on themes such as cultural transfer, material culture, institutions and (in)equality, knowledge societies, language dynamics, and identity and reputation in the period of the Renaissance and Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the Dutch Golden Age and the Enlightenment.

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20 December 2019
The book is published by Palgrave Macmillan and edited by René Koekkoek, Arthur Weststeijn and Anne-Isabelle Richard.
Het vrolijke huisgezin (met aan de linker en rechterkant van het schilderij, pijprokende figuren), Jan Havicksz. Steen, 1668. Bron: Rijksmuseum
20 December 2019
The battle of the sexes is one of the most prominent themes in the festive, joyful culture of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period.
13 December 2019
In November Camebridge University Press published "Apprenticeship in Early Modern Europe". This book is edited by Maarten Prak a.o.


Antonio Magliabechi. Bron Wikimedia: The Great Book-Collectors By Charles Isaac Elton "(From an engraving in the British Museum)
19 February 2020 16:00 - 17:15
The role of the seventeenth-century librarian Antonio Magliabechi within the early modern scholarly network will be discussed.
early modern Europe | identity and perception | cultural industry | knowledge societies | visual culture | language dynamics