Dr. E.Y. (Liesbeth) Bijlsma

David de Wiedgebouw
Universiteitsweg 99
Kamer 3.84
3584 CG Utrecht

Dr. E.Y. (Liesbeth) Bijlsma

Associate Professor
+31 6 10 031 691


Coursecoordinator and teacher:

  • Neurologie (FA-BA203, periode 2 en 4)
  • Conscious Brain & Unconscious mind (FA-BA217, periode 4)
  • Wiring Brain Research (FA-BA320, periode 4)


  • Psychopharmacology / Immunopharmacology (CPS-212/213, period 1; methodology & biostatistics, write research proposal).
  • The imprinted brain (FA-BA219, period 3)
  • Advanced Psychoneuropharmacology (CPS336, period 4; topic sexual disorders and behavioural observation practice). 
  • BMW academie

Administrative tasks

  • Projectleader ‘COPTER’. Responsible for implementation of Centre of Expertise Pharmaceutical Teaching and Educational Research (2021-).
  •  Member BKO/SKO-advisory committee department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (2020-)     
  • Member programcommittee Biomedische Wetenschappen, Faculty of medicine (2020-)    
  • Member learning line Drug Research, Bachelor of Pharmacy (2020-).      
  • Member projectteam CPS2021 (2019-); co-responsibility for renewal of College of Pharmaceutical Sciences programme. Primary focus: Didactical approach and curriculum design.      
  • Member Curriculumcommittee Bachelor of Pharmacy (2014-2018).
    Primary focus: Educational vision for both Bachelor and Master programme, curriculum design and content Bachelor programme.
    o   Co-responsibility for educational vision curriculum blue print. 
    o   Primary responsibility for ensuring integrated curriculum design and interdisciplinary design of courses within the Bachelor programme.
    o   Leading role in 5 course design teams.

Programme development and innovation 

  • Member consortium interfacultary USO, theme internationalisation (2020-2021) 
  • Teammember SURF project “The imprinted brain” (i.c.w. Prof. dr. Ferdi Engels, 2019-); Development, teaching and evaluation of interdisciplinary and international blended Bachelor course 'the imprinted brain', With focus on study how online collaboration among students can best be supported.
  • Projectleader co-creationproject knowledge clips for course 'Neurologie', i.c.w. honoursstudents (2017-2020)
  • Leading role in development teams for several (interdisciplinary) bachelor courses (Neurologie, Conscious Brain & unconscious mind, Wiring brain research, Intercellular communication, Immunopharmacology en Psychopharmacology).
  • member development teams for Bachelor course Psychofarmacologie and Infectie & afweer
  • team member USO project multidisciplinairy minors (Faculty of Science). co-responsiblity for design and development of multidisciplinary minor Brain, Mind and consciousness (2017-2020).
  • Educational innovation project “Effect of self-study with e-learning modules on entrance level in work groups" (USO-project Community of Expertise Blended Learning)

Professional development

  • Senior university teaching qualification (SKO, UU, January 2018)
  • Training programme research in medical education (SHE Maastricht, 2013-2014)
  • University teaching qualification (BKO, UU, januari 2014)
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