Prof. dr. Eva Jaspers

Eva Jaspers is Professor of Empirical and Theoretical Sociology and a member of the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology Research School (ICS) of Utrecht University and the transdiciplinary SCOOP program. Her research interests are at the intersection of networks, diversity and inequality. She studies topics revolving around negative ties in networks, gender roles, ethnic and gender stratification, same-sex families, intergroup contact, and hate crimes.  She has managed various large scale data collections, and received multiple grants from NWO and de Volkswagen Stiftung. She is involved in several international research projects, for example on network interventions to counter polarization (INCLUSIVITY) and research on the transition to parenthood for same-sex couples (GENPARENT).     


Eva Jaspers is member of the ICS Research Line Migration and Social Stratification. 


Empirical and Theoretical Sociology